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ITIL-V4 Dumps

ITIL-V4 Dumps For PeopleCert Foundation Exam

Cert Mage launched a new version of ITIL V4 Dumps on January 1, 2022. In our refreshed ITIL V4 dumps, we’ve added the most relevant exam questions with the greatest chance of appearing in your next ITIL V4 certification exam.

Using these practice tests to prepare for the ITIL V4 certification test will help you have a greater chance of passing it. We’ve seen our candidates’ pass rates to be above 98% in recent years. Furthermore, if you discover that the study materials are less than what we promise, we provide a money-back guarantee.

Industry professionals and experts created the ITIL V4 certification exam dumps and study materials. The practice test questions and answers, as well as study guides and training courses, are included in the CertMage ITIL V4 exam dumps.

Certifying for ITIL v4 may be difficult. To obtain a passing grade, you must have a thorough grasp of the exam and which study tools are efficient. Because you don’t know what to anticipate from the ITIL v4 test, you might be afraid.

However, we will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on studying and passing your exam with ease and high marks.

ITIL V4 Dumps- Latest 2022 Edition

ITIL-V4 Dumps Provide:

  • A unique combination of exam questions is included in the full-length mock exam.
  • An explanation for each question that is thorough and comprehensive.
  • When it comes to evaluating a candidate’s strengths and flaws, there are several sources of information.
  • The most recent test questions, including an updated version.
  • All IT exams come with a free demo.
  • Exam tips and tricks to help you pass your exam.
  • 98% Passing rate.
  • Free updates for 6 months.
  • Free PDF Demos for all IT exams.
  • Rapid Delivery within 2hrs.

ITIL-V4 Dumps Cover Following Domains:

Best ITIL V4 Dumps of 2022

1) The Key Service Concepts

  • Definitions and key concepts:

(Warranty, Service, Utility, Customer, User, Sponsor, Cost, Service Management, Outcome, Value, Organization, Output, Risk, Warranty, Utility. The service offering, Service provision, Service relationships management, Service consumption)

2) Recognize how the ITIL guiding principles can assist a company in adopting and adapting service management.

  • Describe the nature, interaction, and implementation of the guiding principles:

(Focus on value; Progress iteratively with feedback; Start where you are; Collaborate and promote visibility; Keep it simple and practical; Think and work holistically; Optimize and automate)

3) Recognize the four aspects of service management

  • Describe the four dimensions:

(Information and Technology; Partners and Suppliers; Organizations and People; Value streams and Processes)

4) Recognize the components and purpose of the ITIL service value system

  • Describe the ITIL SVS:

(Governance, Guiding Principles, Practices, Service value chain, Continual improvement)

5) Recognize the activities that make up the service value chain and how they relate to one another

  • Describe the interconnected nature, outputs, inputs, and purpose of each value chain activity:

(Improve, Plan, Design & transition, Engage, Deliver & support, Obtain/build)

6) Recognize the purpose and essential terms for 15 ITIL practices

  • Recall the purpose of the 18 ITIL Practices:

(Information security management; Supplier management; Relationship management; Availability Management; IT asset management; Capacity and performance management; Service continuity management; Release Management; Monitoring and event management; Service configuration management; Continual improvement; Deployment management; Change Control; Problem management; Incident management; Service request management; Service level management; Service desk)

  • Recall definitions of 8 key ITIL Terms:

(IT asset, Availability, Event, Change, Incident, Configuration item, Problem, Known error).

7) Recognize 7 ITIL practices

  • Explain in detail the 7 ITIL Processes including how they fit in the value chain:

(Optimize and automate; Continual improvement; Change Control; Problem management; Incident management; Service request management; Service level management; Service desk)

Numerous Reasons Why CertMage Is So Effective At ITIL-V4 Dumps.

  • Exam Dumps of Exceptional Quality

If you require high-quality and genuine ITIL 4 Foundation exam questions, try our ITIL 4 Foundation exam questions. CertMage provides students with up-to-date and high-quality ITIL 4 Foundation exam preparation materials to help them pass the test.

We have the most experienced ITIL professionals working on content improvement and ITIL exam curriculum modifications on a regular basis. If you’re using our ITIL 4 Foundation pdf dumps, double-check with your portal to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date material so that you don’t have to worry about giving the actual test.

  • You Will Definitely Pass The ITIL-V4 Exam

If you use Cert Mage exam dumps as your ITIL test preparation exam questions, we hope that you will pass the first time. If you fail the ITIL V4 exam on your initial try, we will give you a complete refund if you believe that these exam questions provided by us are the culprit. Purchase of ITIL 4 Foundation Questions and Answers entitles you to one year of free upgrades.

  • ITIL-V4 Dumps Created By Professionals

If you arrive at the ITIL 4 Foundation testing center and find that your study materials are out-of-date and ineffective, it’s not your fault. We’ve learned a lot over time, and we’re well aware of the importance of accuracy and dependability.

Our practice exams are subject to a rigorous pre-publication process and are always up to date. These exam questions and answers were created by business professionals with real-world expertise and abilities. They aren’t afraid of difficult inquiries or knowledgeable in the requirements for achievement.

  • ITIL-V4 Dumps Can Help You Prepare For The Exam

Students may use ITIL 4 exam dumps to prepare for the ITIL 4 certification examination. If you need to study while you work, you may utilize our ITIL 4 exam dumps and real questions.

  • 100% Genuine ITIL-V4 Dumps

When it comes to ITIL 4 exam dumps, there’s no need to devote thousands of dollars for ITIL 4 study materials or memorize hundreds of thousands of words. CertMage ITIL 4 exam dumps are up to date, genuine, and confirmed. Our exam dumps will be the most useful to you and will provide you with everything you’ll need to pass the ITIL 4 certification exam.

  • Actual Exam Questions And Answers

We all know that one of the most serious problems in the IT sector is the scarcity of high-quality study tools. Our exam dumps and study guides contain all of the information you’ll need to pass a certification test. The questions in our practice exams are multiple-choice (MCQs), just like those on actual certification tests.

ITIL 4 Foundation exam dumps will give you actual examination questions and confirmed answers that are exactly the same as those on the ITIL Foundation Exam. These ITIL exam questions and answers are intended to simulate taking a genuine examination experience.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Cert Mage offers a money-back guarantee for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, so you don’t have to worry about failing. After using the actual ITIL exam dumps for two weeks, you will most certainly pass the ITIL 4 Foundation test. If you fail the ITILD V4 examination despite using our real exam dumps, you are entitled to a refund.

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People Cert’s ITIL-V4 Foundation Exam

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most widely used approach to IT service management. ITIL qualifications may help individuals and businesses in using IT to achieve business growth, transformation, and innovation.

The aim of the ITIL 4 Foundation certification is to provide you with an awareness of current IT-enabled services administration, a grasp of fundamental concepts, and how the ITIL 4 guidance might benefit your organization and job. Before proceeding to higher-level ITIL 4 certifications, you must complete the Foundation exam.

What Is ITIL-V4 Certification?

Most reliable ITIL V4 Dumps of 2022

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certifications indicate that you have been educated in best practices for service management, including procedures, jargon, and techniques that are prevalent in modern IT. ITIL-certified experts have a lot of demand because they possess the skills and knowledge to assist organizations develop and prosper.

Digital services necessitate a continuous approach to project management that focuses on the service’s goals while also addressing any unforeseen difficulties that may emerge throughout the service’s development, delivery, and maintenance. Understanding how to integrate all of these ever-changing factors into your development process is an effective way to manage IT service.

The ITIL 4 framework is a set of standards that specifies how to create, operate, and improve technology-enabled services and products. ITIL 4 Foundation is for anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of IT and digital service delivery and assist their organization in adopting the new service management culture. It’s intended for those just beginning with ITIL 4 or who wish to polish up their existing ITIL expertise.

What Are ITIL-V4 Foundation Exams?

ITI4 was published on AXELOS on February 20, 2019. ITIL offers guidance on improving IT systems to secure and manage. IIT4 Foundation serves your business as a management support system by employing cloud, Agile transformation, and Develop technologies. The ITIL 4 exam is a standardized IT service management exam that is primarily conducted in the foundation as part of Certification, granting a qualified candidate an IT service management certification. The ITIL V3 certification exams are granted to candidates who have a basic ITIL framework that provides ITIL support and management to improve the company.

Who Should Take The ITIL-V4 Exam?

  • Individuals who need a basic grasp of the ITIL framework and how it might be utilized to boost IT service management quality within a business. The certification is also for IT workers who work in an ITIL-adopting firm and must be familiar with and contribute to the company’s overall service improvement plan.
  • ITIL professionals wanting to get ITIL 4 certificates.

Prerequisites For The ITIL-V4 Foundation Exam

There are no official prerequisites before taking the ITIL V4 Foundation exam.

However, before you can sit for the ITIL Master certification, you must first pass the ITIL 4 Foundation Expert exam. To be eligible for the ITILFND V4 Expert credential, you must fulfill the following requirements: earn at least 17 credits from the Practitioner, Intermediate, and Foundation modules, as well as pass the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam, for a total of 22 credits.

Exam Details

  • Exam Code: ITIL V4 – Foundation.
  • Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification.
  • Total Questions: 40 questions.
  • Passing score:  65%.
  • Test duration: 1 hour.
  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Exam Cost: $150-$500.
  • Language: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, French, Polish, German.

Things To Consider During Exam

Taking a test, no matter how well you’ve prepared, is never easy. Here are some tips to help you do well in the examination:

  • Check to see if you have everything you’ll need for the exam, including a pencil and your participant number.
  • Keep an eye on the clock, but don’t worry – each multiple-choice question has a 60-minute time limit.
  • Fill in the blanks with your answers.
  • To assist you to eliminate incorrect replies, pick out important phrases from the question’s structure (e.g., not, must, could, incorrect, most, primary, best, guarantee).
  • Rather than relying on your own knowledge, respond to these questions from the perspective of ITIL.
  • If you schedule your time wisely, you should have enough time, in the end, to double-check that you didn’t overlook any questions.

Your Exclusive Journey To Pass The ITIL-V4 Exam

It’s a return, perhaps your first step toward certification, or maybe it’s something else. We hope that the exams you took will assist you in preparing for the ITILFND V4 exam, whether it was your first time or not. It will make studying for the first time easier.

The path to a new and well-paying profession is as follows. If you’ve gone around the block several times, you may ask experienced engineers for advice. Our neighborhood enlightens and enhances things.

Best Way Of Passing The ITIL-V4 Exam

The answers to the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam are found in our dumps, which provide real exam questions that will be asked on the actual test. They also offer a road map of what to anticipate in the examination and how to go about it. Finally, they aid you in determining your strengths and shortcomings so you may concentrate your study on areas where you need more practice.

How Can ITIL-V4 Dumps Help You If You Are Short On Time?

If you’re taking the ITIL Foundation exam and don’t have much time to prepare, use the new materials provided by CertMage, as well as a few of our methods, to help you pass your certification test quickly!

We understand how difficult it is to find time between a job and other responsibilities such as family life, but don’t worry because we’ve got everything under control here – you can pass your ITIL certification with flying colors using these dumps.

Exam Dumps At CertMage

CertMage Exam Dumps provides a thorough set of questions and answers, as well as references and explanations (where appropriate), in order to assist you in passing the exam on your first try as well as enhancing your understanding of the test’s material. Our objective in developing exam dumps is to help you pass the test not just on the first attempt but in improve your knowledge of the exam’s content.

Our IT professionals have verified and cross-checked our exam dumps, which are similar to a cheat sheet that will enable you to pass your test on the first try. Our exam dumps include actual questions and answers that have been reviewed and double-checked by our IT experts.


How hard is the ITIL-V4 exam?

You must pass the exam with an overall score of 69 percent. The answer to this question takes about 12 seconds to be correct. This might seem quite easy, but as with the 2-day ITIL-4 Foundation training, there was an enormous amount of material packed into 3-day courses.

Does ITIL-V4 expire?

The transition examination titled Upgrading to the ITIL 4 Foundation is scheduled to run in June 2022. If you don’t pass a certification test on time, you must go through an ITIL-4 Certification course.

What is the passing score for ITIL Foundation V4?

This test contains multiple-choice questions with a 65% passing rate. The questionnaire contains 40 questions that must be answered within an hour. When the candidates correctly attempt 26 questions (65%), they are deemed to have successfully completed the exam.

How can I pass the ITIL-V4 Certification Exam?

To take the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, you must first complete the ITIL course. You can take it at an ATO or study independently. On the other hand, taking an ITIL course from a training provider will help you comprehend the tips and suggestions. You will also be guided through the ITIL exam preparation process. An instructor with deep knowledge will always be able to help you better comprehend the ITIL life cycle. As a reason, many people choose to learn about the ITIL life cycle through a training program.

What are the Advantages of Taking the ITIL-V4 Exam?

Your expertise, productivity, and capacity to establish better connections with customers and within the company will all increase as a result of taking an ITIL certification course. ITIL knowledge and skills aid in the cost-effectiveness of processes by maximizing the utilization of existing resources.


ITILFND V4 is a crucial step on the road to professional success and company advancement. You may be ahead of the game when it comes to putting ITIL services management procedures into practice.

After successfully passing an exam and receiving the entry-level ITIL certificate, you may continue your career by taking the ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification.

It’s natural to become anxious and jittery from time to time. We’ve all had anxiety at some point; the next step is to conquer that fear and prepare for something as demanding as the ITIL 4 Foundation. If you hit a wall, don’t hesitate to contact someone.

If you encounter someone who is struggling, help them out. And, according to the adage, “work harder not smarter!” So, what do you have to lose? JOIN US now and take advantage of our best ITIL Foundation exam braindumps to help you pass your exam with flying colors.

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