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7 Tips For Success In CompTIA Security+ Exam

The CompTIA Security+ exam, like other professional certification exams, is difficult to pass. Meeting this challenge, on the other hand, will pay off handsomely. The CompTIA Security+ exam is meant to evaluate candidates’ understanding of fundamental security concepts and best practices.

For individuals who wish to become CompTIA Security+ certified, we’ve compiled seven tips on how to be effective during the certification exam, so you can get the certification on your first attempt.

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The six domains of Security+ are:

  • Domain 1 – Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities (21%)
  • Domain 2 – Technologies and Tools (22%)
  • Domain 3 – Architecture and Design (15%)
  • Domain 4 – Identity and Access Management (16%)
  • Domain 5 – Risk Management (14%)
  • Domain 6 – Cryptography and PKI (12%)

Make a list of the domains to be reviewed, as well as the individual exam topics inside each domain. For example, under network security, include a few bullets for intrusion detection systems, firewalls, routers, and so on. Then, assemble the study materials that are best suited to your needs. If you are weak in any area, focus on that first.

It is often recommended to begin with the most difficult concepts. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to set the tone and pace for the rest of the domains. Before going on to the next domain, be sure you have mastered the previous one. Many concepts will overlap as you progress through the domains, which can expedite your learning.


It’s a good idea to take practice exams after you’ve started studying. Going through a set of questions that replicate Security+ exam questions will offer you knowledge about the certification exam as well as feedback on your own preparation. An evaluation of your score, both overall and within each domain, will show you what areas you are familiar with and which areas need more attention.

There is also another advantage of taking practice exams. CompTIA Security+ certification is not obtained just via theoretical and factual knowledge. The exam incorporates performance-based questions (PBQs) and multiple-choice questions, which examine a candidate’s ability to solve security issues in a simulated environment. These questions validate your ability to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired.


Now that you’ve determined what you need to study, it’s time to devise a study plan. Be realistic about your professional and personal responsibilities. Schedule study time during your downtime or in combination with times when you may need to utilize some of the material you’re studying. For example, if you have a technical lecture or brief scheduled that will highlight current network security developments, prepare to study networking techniques before, during, and after the event.


Create a study strategy to acquire the knowledge you need after you’ve identified the areas where you need further assessment to improve your key concepts. A professional training course is one of the finest methods to do this.

When selecting a Security+ course, ensure that it is offered by a CompTIA-recognized training provider. This ensures:

  • That you’re working with a training firm that has been verified and is being evaluated on a regular basis by CompTIA.
  • You’re studying from certified professionals with real-world experience. They’re a wonderful resource for learning both the multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions on the test.
  • You’ll get the most up-to-date knowledge, exam objectives, hands-on experience, and authorized study material and labs.

Cert Mage provides genuine and complete CompTIA training courses and exam dumps, and our Security+ exam prep courses are accessible for everyone.


A great place to start studying for your CompTIA exams is the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives. Purchase a good study guide. Consider using Cert Mage study guide and practice questions. Our CompTIA Security+ study guide is at the top of the list that will greatly help you prepare for the exam. You can also attend a CompTIA Security+ training boot camp online. Boot camps may help you rapidly become familiar with the CompTIA Security+ exam topics. Boot camp trainings are often rigorous, 3-5 day deep dives on exam topics using a number of course materials.


After you’ve finished your preparation, go over the materials again. Pay special attention to the regions that were unfamiliar to you. Get familiar with them before the exam day, so that you can stay focused on what is important and not worry about little details. Since you cannot bring any reference materials to the exam, you should study until you are satisfied that you understand the topic.

Practice the concepts you’ve studied until you’re comfortable with them. Review the essential terms and go over all of the labs that came with the course you took. This will assist you in being as prepared as possible for both performance-based questions and multiple-choice questions.


Take a deep breath and tell yourself to read each question attentively as you begin the exam. You don’t want to answer a question wrong because of poor reading.

The CompTIA exam has a time limit. The time allotted for the exam is 90 minutes but you can skip questions and return back to any question you want. You can also modify your answers, so if you have time left at the end, go over them to make sure that you answer correctly. When your timer runs out or you are satisfied that you are finished, it is time to submit your answers and wait for your results.


Cyber security certifications can be rewarding.  Getting certified in security, especially at the entry level, increases your chances of landing a new job or making a lateral move into the field. We’re discussing pay increases, promotions, and who knows what else.

This is why CompTIA’s Security+ certification is one of the first steps that countless IT professionals suggest for people looking to begin their security career. 

Preparing for the CompTIA exam might take many weeks or even months, depending on your expertise. Allow yourself additional time to prepare and put extra effort into areas that are unfamiliar to you. With Cert Mage, you don’t have to worry because we will be with you at every step of the way, ensuring your success. We hope these tips will assist you in passing the actual exam on your first attempt!

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